No AEDM Today

I've been under the weather trying to fight off what my dear hubby has had.  Today is the first day he has started to feel better... but the last two day I've felt terrible.  I have, however, gotten up and done a few minutes on "Owlivia" and tomorrow I will take a picture which will be 3 days worth of work on her.  She is turning out awesome!  I wish I felt like doing a photo shoot tonight... but I'm off to bed and it's only 6 pm.  I'm going to read a little and then I'm going off to sleep.  But PLEASE check back here tomorrow and I promise I will have some art photo's to share with you all.

I'm leaving you with some embroidery I did (and beading) so you have something creative to peruse!  



jude said...

feel better.

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

Hi Debi this beading is just mind blowing... I can not sew in any form so the patience and skill required for this is freaky to me... hope you feel better soon and that sunrise pic from the last post was breathtaking xx

patti west said...

This makes me want to see more of your embroidery!! So pretty!

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