AEDM~ Day 7

I woke up to this at the crack of dawn this morning.  It was so beautiful... taken from the deck of our apartment.  Of course the tiny bit of sun disappeared soon after and we ended up with one of those Pacific Northwest days where we get a little bit of everything in a single day!  At least it was a tad bit warmer today.

I worked on Owlivia today.  I think I'm please with her... now to work on the foreground and background.  

My new granddaughter's name is Olivia and I found myself talking to this painting.  I didn't even realize that I was calling her Owlivia as I was painting her.  Hmmm, I think maybe I'll be sending this for her nursery.  It wasn't planned, but....  You just  never know how the subconscious is going to work huh?

While I was working Sydney was watching from her favorite vantage point.  And yes, she DOES sleep with her head on the pillow!  She snores too!



We Three 3 said...

That photo is fantastic. What a work of art:) The owl is terrific! What a wonderful gift for your granddaughter!

PS You poochie dog is cute:)

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

Debi.... Owlivia is just perfect... I love the inclusion of the flowers on its tummy and those sweet sad eyes... hope your granddaughter doesn't have sad eyes, they certainly won't be after she gets this as a gift !!!... Sydney is gorgeous too... my fur baby sleeps with his head on a pillow as well and is snoring like crazy because of the jasmine blooms at the moment... xx

Julie said...

The photo is gorgeous and Owlivia is wonderful!

Terrie said...

You commented on my zentangles and how one reminded you of that candy. I remember exactly what you're talking about and now that you mention it, I can see it too. Isn't it cool how some shapes have such strong memories attached?
Your drawing is coming right along - like the developments so far.

Juliette Crane said...

so fun to see the evolution of this little owl and to know its story too...happy painting!


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