ONE WORD for 2013

This will be my first year choosing one word to explore and grow with during the next year.  I've always done resolutions, but often failed to see them through.  I think I'm in agreement with many others in my circle that choosing a word to embrace throughout the year may be a bit more positive rather than trying to "fix" something wrong with me by making a resolution.

So, this year I chose the word "LIGHT".  Actually, I think it chose me because I kept running across this word all month long.  So it seemed natural for it to be "MY" word for the next year.  In studying my word here are a few things I ran across on the Internet.


something that makes things visible or affords illumination
a gleam or sparkle, as in the eyes.
spiritual illumination or awareness; enlightenment.
mental insight; understanding

kindle; ignite.
to give light to; furnish with light or illumination
to cause (the face, surroundings, etc.) to brighten, especially with joy, animation, or the like
to guide or conduct with a light.   

bring to light, to discover or reveal
come to light, to be discovered or revealed
hide one's light under a bushel, to conceal or suppress one's talents or successes.
in (the) light of, taking into account; because of; considering
light at the end of the tunnel, a prospect of success, relief, or redemption
see the light, shed / throw light on, to clarify; clear up

I'm really looking forward to the many facets of the work "LIGHT" and how I will grow in the coming year using it as guidance!  May you all have so MANY blessings in the coming year!  I see a lot of changes and growth coming my way and I'm excited to share them with you!

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Amy Riddle The Spirit Dancer said...

May your light shine all year!

Nancy Lennon said...

Enjoy the many ways light will appear to you, and that you will beam to others this year! Stopping by from flying lessons. Blessings Nancy

Dawn Rae Conery said...

Oh I love Light! I like to remember that without the darkness we would not know Light. Everything has its place and time. I am excited that this is your year for Light! Can't wait to see you shining! huggs

Becky in Burma said...

Hi Debi! You're right! Our words are very similar. I was super drawn to 'light' as well....and knew I needed some element of that for this year.

I wish for you lots of light, ignition, kindling, etc. for the year!

By the way: I'm from the Pacific NW, too! (Also from Washington State!)

Kristen Conley said...

I am really liking LIGHT! Isn't it awesome how your word just found you? I hope you have a wonderful light filled and soul radiating new year my friend! <3

Kathie Gadd said...

Your word Light is so wonderful and can only make you happy when you think of it! Stand in your light this year and shine Debi, I'm certain you deserve it!

Michelle Hill said...

What a wonderful word Debi and I'm so glad that it found you. Looking forward to seeing your light shine brightly this year!

Wendy Poling said...

I love LIGHT and all of your lovely reflections. Your word is full of so many wonderful possibilities - I have no doubt it will serve you well this year! Shine on!

Renee Savoie said...

Great word, may your year be lit with creativety and success!!

Lisa Rivas said...

Let there be light... and light it will be. Wonderful choice and so many glimmers and glows I see! Thank You and I look forward in seeing your lit up path!

Juniper Goods said...

Light sounds like a wonderful word for you! May your light shine bright for all to see!

Anne said...

May you be a light to others as you grow in the light. Good luck with your word! :)

Mary said...

I love this process,one word to focus on during the year. Being expectant of the ways God uses a word to change and mold us. Looking forward to hearing more of your journey with light.

Mike Ashcraft's book My One Word is really helpful in the journey.

Grace and peace,

di from di-did-it said...

WOWSA! You've been productive while I've been away! Your blog blew me away tonight. So tickled to see how much you've done. Wanted to comment on a post and chose this one since I too set themes for the year. Last year was Physical. Haven't yet landed on this year's theme - still working on it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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