AEDM~ Day 5

Well, today was a day where I didn't do too much as far as creativity goes.  My poor hubby was sick with the crud that is going around the college campus.  You know how guys are when they are sick... the whole world comes to an end.  I know, I know, when we are sick... we are expected to suck it up and keep carrying on... but when THEY are sick the whole world goes on hold.  As far as my hubby goes... he hardly EVER get sick, so when he does...he a big baby and I do baby him.  He, on the other hand, does take good care of me when I'm under the weather, so I owe him.  I didn't get a lot done today.  I DID take our 4 legged daughter out for a few walks today and got some wonderful camera shots... so they are my art for day 5.

We had an eagle on the top of one of our trees and even though I don't have a decent camera to get a great picture, this one was pretty good.  My little point and shoot did an okay job at so far away.

This is today and

THIS was 3 weeks ago!  I can't believe the difference is 3 short weeks.  Today there was sunlight and COLD but it was a great day to take a long walk.  Here are a few more shots of November Autumn beauty~

and one last one

 So this is God's Art for today and I'm so happy I caught it on camera.  Isn't it just grand???
Thank you to everyone who is encouraging me on my way.  Tomorrow you'll see some of my art, but for today... I had to capture the art of nature!



Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

The seasons are changing pretty quick for you it seems... I will need to send you some of our sun and humidity soon... the photos are just lovely and it is lovely to get a little glimpse of your world xx

Els said...

Wow ! AUTUMN !!! (our trees are empty too now)

Kim said...

beautiful pictures Debi! Thank you so much for your words of advice today- they mean more than I can say. Have a wonderful week my friend!!

Anonymous said...

My autumn has come and gone already here in Alaska... if you look back on my blog you can see a fall picture I painted from one of my photos. The blog entry is called "Today, I painted..."

I loved your pictures. That bush or tree with the red leaves is beautiful! I love the leaves that have different colors in them mixed together. Sometimes they actually looked like God applied watercolors to the leaves himself.

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