AEDM Day 4~ The Story Continues

I know you didn't believe me, but I was serious!  As soon as this was dry enough to photo, I did!

I hope you like what has evolved so far.  I "think" I like it.  We'll see what progresses.  Check Day #2 to see how this began!   Right now there are steaks marinating and waiting for the BBQ.  And Yams in the oven.  AND fresh beets.  So, I have to run and finish dinner.  Let me know what you think.... and thank you to so many who have encouraged me.  You don't know how MUCH it means to me.  So, Five days in a row of posting.  Something that has never happened before.  Twenty one days to a new habit... and I have 5 down!



Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I love the bright, vivid colors you chose for this painting. It's such an engaging image. Beautiful work!

Terrie said...

Wow - what a progression. (and dinner sounds yummy) Thanks for visiting me and the nice comments - my tangles are just fun, I don't take them too seriously, but I do enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

What a happy mustache. It reminds me of a guy at my local grocery store that has a handlebar mustache. He's actually won an award for that stash! He is always smiling and happy to see you. He always remembers my name and my kids names and I suspect he does the same with many others.

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