Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Hey, I just realized that it's Saint Patty's Day! And I'm not wearing a stitch of green! It's a good thing I didn't go out today, and a shame for a half Irish girl like me!
So, tonight we're having some corned beef, sweet-n-sour potatoes (which is actually German but don't tell~Shhhhh!) and cabbage and veggies, and sourdough bread. It's gonna be great! It's been awhile since we did corned beef and my husband is dancing around in circles; he can hardly wait!

And since I haven't shared any artwork in awhile, here's a 12x12 inch crazy quilt square. I think it's done...haven't quite decided yet. I guess I have to look at it some more to be sure. What do you think????


Kim said...

Debi, I think this is beautiful! Happy be-lated St. Pat's to you from another half irish girl :)

Veleta (Sammy) said...

this is beautiful and I wish I was at your home for St. Patrick Dinner... my favorite foods... corn beef, cabbage and German Potatoes... Hubby doesn't care for it and so since it is me, then it is not enough to cook all that up.. Was not feeling great of that day or we would have went somewhere where I could have some and Don could have something else..

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