First Day of Spring

Okay, so I know today isn't the first day of Spring. Yesterday was. BUT, I was having so much fun out in the sunshine, enjoying the first day of Spring! It was gorgeous yesterday (and today also-72 degrees!). I took my camera and looked for some evidence of the coming of Spring, and these are the photos I want to share with you!

I noticed that the earth is again waking up, stretching, and the colors are starting to show! Here in Gillette, WY we still have a ways to go until we are out of the woods winter-wise. In fact we have a blizzard warning for Monday-Wednesday. It's going to be one of those Spring snowstorms that really dumps the snow. It happens every year at this time. First we are teased with beautiful sunny weather and to-die-for blue skies. And then, BAM, we get more of the white stuff and freezing temperatures. They mean it when they say not to plant anything until the first of May. So, we enjoy every single second of this glorious weather while we have it. Hope Spring was nice to all of you too!

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