On the Third Day Of Spring my True Love Sent to ME

So, yesterday it was 72 degrees. In fact, it's been gorgeous here for about 5 days. Nice and warm, and except for the wind, just perfect. This is what happened starting about 3am this morning. Our next door neighbors own a plowing business, and they are stranded at the moment. The city is no longer plowing the streets, and anyone driving will be ticketed. The highways and Interstate are all closed. Nothing is moving except the wind and the snow. We are in the middle of a catagory 3 winter storm...or BLIZZARD!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Keep warm Debi!!!!! Gotta just love unpredictable weather,don't you? I am thinking lots of warm thoughts for you and hoping that it starts to melt just as fast as it is hitting you! Be safe- I'll be thinking of you!!!

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