Thrifty Thursday Christmas Decorating

Ahh, the joys of decking the halls at Christmas time!  It's something I've looked forward to each year, especially when I could do it with my lovely daughter Tammi.  But this year, once again, we are 1000 miles apart.  Not to mention the fact that, once again, the lions' share of my Christmas decorations are still in Wyoming!  We have a little 36" lighted tree and two kinds of ornaments.  My husband got everything out for me and I wanted to cry.  It was all so BORING!  I told him I needed more ornaments and he promptly told me it wasn't in the budget.  We just moved and right now nothing is in the budget.  Moving is just soooo expensive!  He turned around and threw over his shoulder "you're an artist... so figure it out!"  O-kay....

So after I stopped having a pity party I started thinking about what I already have on hand.  I have some beaded dolls that I made quite a few years ago.  And earrings!  I also have some small stuffed critters I made and some patchwork hearts and ... okay I was on a roll!  I got out some ribbon and a bag of bells I had and started tying them onto some bare branches I have in a pot.  CUTE!  I also found some sequined lace I had squirreled away to use on something special.  I was seriously excited now!  I'm almost done but wanted to share a couple of pictures with you so you can share my excitement!

I also took about 2 dozen of the plain cream ornaments and added German glass glitter, teal glitter, and red glitter to them.  They look wonderful and really reduced the boring factor!  I'll add more pictures as I finish up! 

I also finished another mixed media painting that I've added to my Etsy shop!

For some more views and close-ups check out my Etsy page above!  I may have a hard time giving this one up!!!

Hoping all of you are having a great week!  Lots of Love and many HuGGs!



Becca said...

Your beaded dolls are amazing and how lovely on your Christmas tree! Oh, and how I ADORE the chubby kitty! Best wishes!

KAM said...

The beaded doll pictured is amazing...truly a work of a folk artist. That little cat is adorable. You have some treasures here and I am sure that your tree is a total knock out of delicious creations.

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