Monday, Monday

Well, I did intend to write more often on my blog, but I figure if I write on here twice a week I'll be doing much better than I did last year!!

It's now week 2 in Life Book 2013 and I've barely finished the art for week one.  I figured I'd better get this picture up here so you can see at least a little bit of progress.  We were supposed to create a piece of artwork depicting our Fairy Art Mother or Father.  Part two was to create a piece of artwork showing our mode of transportation on our journey of 2013.  I'm just about done with that one, but it's too wet to take a picture of.  So here is my Fairy Art Mother.  She's surrounded by a tree and leaves (one of my favorite things to put in my artwork!).  She's carrying a heart to remind me of how much I'm loved.  My word for the year 2013 is "LIGHT" so there are some lights on in the background.  This is my year to "FLY" and so I've adopted the symbol of a bird.  I was feeling a bit whimsical when I sketched her out so she has a bit of a "FOLK" art feel about her.  I hope you enjoy!  See you soon with my "Journey" piece!!



Angie said...

What a lovely fairy!! I hope you're enjoying the class as much as I am - it's all just so much fun and I cannot wait to see what the year will bring! :)

Bevie said...

So happy to be following you dear. Love your little Fairy!!!

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