I've taken many classes over the past 3 years and one of my favorite instructors in Jodi Ohl.  She's another one of those rare breeds of teachers that gives her all to her students.  She goes above and beyond what is normally done in an online class, many times adding things to her curriculum to fatten them out even more.

Recently I discovered these wonderful shimmering ( not in your face shimmery) satin glazes by Lumin Art.  These glazes are seriously the cat's meow!!!  And to top matters off~ Jodi Ohl is teaching a class using these wonderful glazes, along with Twinkling H2O's and acrylic.  AND, to top THAT off, it's a portrait class, which is near and dear to my heart right now.  I've been sketching portraits and learning from different instructors for the last 6 months.  The chance to try out these new glazes (with a $30.00 coupon no less!) and to learn portrait drawing from one of my favorite instructors is a match made in creative heaven!!  I wanted to let you all know how I feel about these products and Jodi Ohl as a teacher.

Check this out!!!!  (and photos of my progress will be coming soon!)


HuGGs to all my creative friends and family.  I love you all!!!

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Kristen Conley said...

Oh! How exciting! I can't wait to see what you create <3 And I have to tell you that to prove I'm not a robot, your blog wants me to type in "hatgas' awesome! hat gas, hat gas, hat gas! What is that anyways? lol!

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