December is my Favorite Month~

I love December.  I'm mesmerized by the colors, lights, and laughter found in many of the places I go in December.  I try to stay away from the malls and box stores.  Purchasing "things" that have no real meaning are hard for me to do these days.  I still have grandchildren that wish and look forward to getting a favorite "thing" for Christmas and that's OK within reason.  But Christmas (and Thanksgiving) are about family, friends, love, thoughtfulness, generosity, and gratefulness.  I'm always trying to figure out something special I can make for presents each year, and it's one of the favorite parts of my Christmas spirit.

I've been busy (between bouts of illness) painting and sewing.  I have several projects on the burner and I keep trying to tell myself there is no hurry in finishing them.  I want to really enjoy this month.  Here are a couple of works in progress just to keep you up to date.

This is Owlexis, Owlivia's sister.  She LOVES the snow and since her feathers don't quite keep her warm enough, she enlisted the help of her favorite fairy to make her a magic coat to wear when she's out in the snow.  She loves to snowboard, and we're working on adding that to her story.  I'll post more pictures as I go along!

This is going to be a pillow top.  First I did the face with Inktense watercolor pencils and fluid acrylics.  Next I appliqued her to some favorite fabric (with a back layer so I can do some decorative stitching on here).  Next I hand stitched each tiny leaf around her face.  I haven't decided if she's "Spring" or "Summer" yet.  My daughter thinks this face looks like her....hmmm.  It does in a way.  It catches one of her classic expressions.  I must have been thinking about her as I sketched!

Today is Bill's birthday and we're going to our good friends' house for dinner.  Can't wait.  There is supposed to be a tree up and decorated.  I hope so.  Vic is the master at Christmas Trees and decorations.  She owns enough decorations for at least 3 large trees ( a lot of them handmade over the years).  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  



deanna7trees said...

wow. that face is amazing. are the leaves fabric? wishing you a happy weekend.

Jennifer Richardson said...

mmmm.....loving this moment of peace
(another reason to stay miles
from the mall:))
thanks for this tender moment,

jude said...

wishing you a wonderful holiday xx

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