Planning some Heart Whispers

I took some time today to pull out some of my smaller pieces of fabric so I could play with some heart designs.  What a relaxing couple of hours.  These are just some rough ideas.  I plan to work a bit more on the designs this weekend so I'll have a basket of small projects to work on whenever I have some free time.   The large piece I'm going to do in 9 parts and then pull it all together on the background.  I was just taking a picture of a possible layout so I wouldn't forget!
 I like the top and bottom ones but I'm not sure about the middle one.  

It's hard to see with the shine on the fabric, but in the top square, on the red satin fabric there are little blue flowers the same color as the blue heart.

I like the bottom square, but I'm not happy with the pink heart on the blue heart.  I may pick a different heart for that square.

This is my rough idea for a larger wall-hanging.  But I wanted to take a picture of my first ideas.

On another note I thought I'd catch you all up on what's happening in the Minter universe.  Bill and I are BOTH going to school now.  We're college room-mates now!  Bill has been approved by the VA to  go through vocational retraining.  He'll be in school for the next 3.5 years going for a degree in Business and Math.  I have one more year to go until I get my Medical Administrative Assistant certificate.  I'm taking Medical Terminology this quarter and it's kicking my petunia, BIG time!  It's like learning two foreign languages... Greek and Latin.  If I survive this quarter I can do anything... well, within reason.

See you all in a few days!


Storycloth said...

Hi Debi - I find the second picture very appealing - I think it is the energy of complementary red and green. I wondered what you were studying - good for you!

T said...

Go Debi - good to hear you are enjoying your study....

love the hearts


woman with wings said...

Debi, you've got such a fresh, clear & bright color scheme going! I like how it feels -- and good idea to take pic's of layouts!! Great idea. Also, like your larger piece, am thinking about a nine-square, too!

deanna7trees said...

i see you are also in the whispering hearts group. it's hard to keep up with everyone these day. love your plan for the larger wall hanging.

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