It's Been Awhile... I know

So what are you going to DO with me?  This past quarter at school was hard.  Every class I took was essential to my certificate.  I worked my little backside off, and it was good.  I got an A in all three of my classes, and what's more, I ended up with a 97.62 accumulative for the quarter.  I have to take Medical Terminology next quarter and, unfortunately, that should put me in my place.  Lot's of memorization.

But, I'm enjoying my week off between quarters.  Actually, I had most of last week off also because I finished my final tests by Tuesday.  So what have I been up to during this time to relax?  I started a heart cloth in January for Valentine's day, but there wasn't a lot of time to pick up needle and thread.  I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of the progress so far.
This is what it looked like as I had it pinned and was basting the first layers.

This is what it looked like early on Sunday, the first day of Spring.  I did continue to work on it off and on all day Sunday and Yesterday and it looks very different now.  I'll have to take a moment to post an update tomorrow.

I also took a couple of pictures on Sunday, the first day of Spring.  Just a little something to remind me that Spring weather is truly right around the corner.  Of course, about 3 hours after I took those photos the clouds rolled in and by evening it was raining (again) and it rained all day yesterday also!  But, on the first day of Spring, for at least a little while, it was beautiful.  Here's a whisper of Spring for you!

New growth!  It will bloom again!  We lost so many plants and bushes with our extremely cold winter, but this one will make it!

An early blooming azalea!  It looks so pretty.  There are many more that aren't quite this far along.  This one spends some time in the sun (when it shines that is!) so it blossomed a bit earlier than the rest.

And this nest wasn't there before.  We have seen some birds and the other day I saw my first Swallow.  So it won't be long!  I love to watch the tiny Swallows dip and sway in the breeze in the evening.  We've also begun to be serenaded by the frogs this past week or so.  It's still pretty quiet out there, but before long we'll have a symphony of voices so loud you won't be able to hear anything else in the evening!

Bye for now~ More later....


Marie said...

Congratulations on doing so well in school! :)
The heart cloth is really quite lovely.
I am sooo looking forward to Spring.
We had snow yesterday and today.

woman with wings said...

Debi, so fun to read what you've been up to -- the heart cloth is wonderful, beautiful colors -- and I love the touch of black & white check -- your stitching is making it even more beautiful!

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

I waundered through your blog and bloglist as I listened to the music. As I might waunder through the woods in the spring. Glad to be finally released from the winter.
I needed the respite. It has been a month that could break a person.
Made it through.
How do you put the music on you blog. That is such a nice touch.
What Cd is it?
Again thanks for the peace.

Mary Ann

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