Cloth to Cloth Modified 9-Patch

My camera is at my friend's house, so I took this picture with my phone camera.  I miss my camera.  I guess the picture isn't terrible, and it'll give you an idea of what I've been up to, but it's not as nice as my camera can take.  The next picture of this will have some more details that my mind's eye conjured up while I work on this today.

I love the way this bit of cloth feels in my hands.  It's been scrunched this way and that, and smoothed out many times.  It's also feeling quite a bit substantial.  I think another week will see this one done.

My helper in the photo is my dear one Sydney.  She sits by me while I study, and she helps me decide what to do when I stitch.   So, stay tuned...  there'll be more of this one.  Now, I'm going to work on my Wee Lil Garden Beast the rest of the day.

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