The Blizzard is Over

So, the wind has calmed down. And we are now ready to dig ourselves out of the house.

There are different stories all over Gillette, WY, but for us we have three 7-8 ft drifts to dig away from the house. The one in front isn't as high as Bill and Mark spent most of the day yesterday trying to get the snow away from the front of the house and the driveway. The one on the side of the house is a hill that tops the 6 ft fence. That has to be moved so we don't lose the fence. The one is back is well over 8 ft tall. Our poor dogs didn't know WHAT to do when we let them out this morning and they saw that wall of snow. They just whined and dove into the snow to try and plow their way over the drift.

Bill spent all morning trying to shovel the snow away from the house so there was a 2.5 ft area we could walk out and the dogs could get out. But that mountain of snow isn't going anywhere fast, that's for sure.

I told Bill if he had faith the size of a mustard seed he could tell that mountain of snow to move and it would throw itself into the sea. He just looked at me, you know the look, with sweat dripping off his nose. I don't think he was amused.

So, starting tomorrow, we'll have more art on here. But I just had to share the excitement we've had the last day in a half!!!!!!


nanazanne said...

i can certainly relate to these pics! it started to snow here today too...will spring ever arrive???

Dawn said...

oh my gosh! so much snow...rather you than me, can understand why you are going to do all those online classes...
I have to get my supplies for the bottle class and then later I will do the tattered threads x

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