I have a couple of fun things that I'm doing this summer.  One is the wonderful  Summer of Color.  It's completely free!  There will be a color prompt each week and the best part is you can use any medium that you like to work in to participate!  There is a Facebook group and a Flicker group to share with everyone what you've done!!  It's just starting so you won't have to catch up on anything.  FUN FUN FUN!

If you're interested in joining just click on the button on the right side-bar and have some easy color fun this summer!!!  Free

The other thing that I've been involved in for the past 3 weeks is "Sunday Mornings" a FREE group that it hosted by Mindy Murphy Lacefield.  It has been a huge HUGE blessing to me.  I have never been involved in a better group project in my life!  Check it out and join the fun.  Some people have just started (me included) so you won't be behind at all.  FREE!!


I hope to see you in one of these groups this summer.

                                                              HuGe HuGGs!

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Kristin said...

Oh, yay! Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about the Summer of Color - and for your enthusiasm! I know you'll love the fun and community. AND I've signed up for Mindy's class too - don't you just love her!
Looking forward to Monday, xoxo

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