Art Every Day for a Month-November 1, 2011

I've been working on a painting for a girlfriend who lost her best friend and sister a year ago.  I met her right when her sister passed away and have watched her slog through the morass of grief this past year.  It's just been recently that she's started to pull out of the devastation.  She's been growing closer to God, and starting to yearn for creative outlets in her life.  We're going to be working on this together for awhile.  So, on this first day of November, and the first day of Art Every Day for a Month, I wanted to share the painting that I just finished for her.  I wanted her to know she was loved and watched over.  Only Corinne would have a Guardian Angel with red boots and a red dress... but angels come in all types, just right for each situation!

Her wings are created out of little white paper flowers.  She has a bit of my favorite lace on her dress.  I cut a heart out of some patchwork I have that my grandmother started.  There is a LOT of texture in the background.  In fact, I did two do-overs of the background and was pleased to find out that I didn't have to be overly attached to backgrounds... you can always start over if you don't like the way something looks!

I'll be back tomorrow with more creative endeavors, so stay tuned.  This is a big challenge for me.  Not only is it a challenge to be creative every day, but it's especially a challenge to record what I've done, AND share it on my blog.  They say it takes 21 days to form a habit... so I figure 30 ought to about do it for me.  Leave me a message and help keep me motivated... I love hearing from all of my online friends.



Anonymous said...

Your friend is lucky to have you :). I love all the texture in this piece!
Stay inspired!

Kristin Dudish said...

You're off to a great start! Hooray!!!

What a beautiful gift for your friend (I agree she is lucky to have you)! I think the red boots are great and I love all of that texture!


Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

You can never go wrong when there are red boots involved and I love the texture... great first day xx

Kim said...

Debi- You know I LOVE this piece- I was trying to figure out what the wings were made of-brilliant! Your friend is very lucky to have you in her life ♥

Here is my encouragement for the day....go Debi, art Debi, draw Debi, sew Debi...go, go, go!!!!!


nicole : three by sea said...

I love all the texture in this piece. I'm a huge fan of collage/mixed media, but I find I don't have the patience/tolerance for collecting/storing/organizing all those little wonderful bits that make up an amazing piece.
What a wonderful friend you are to create this...

Denise Locke said...

Debi..... Your art piece is very special and beautiful.. knowing it comes from your heart to her... You have been her angel unawares.. this past year being there for her.. God placed you together for a reason... and in his timing.. you are an inspiration to me. to get started up again after my big move.... i can't wait.. love what you did with her wings.. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful :O) It makes me miss my sister - her name is Angela. Your art work is so pretty and the texture is amazing! I have no idea how to do what you're doing. I'm really glad you're doing it though.


P.s. I love this music. It's so soothing

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