I'm BACK!!!!!

So, this is my little neglected corner of the world.  It's really sad, because I think of coming here every day... it's just that my day gets away from me and then it's time for bed!  I've been recuperating from several spinal treatments for the past 6 weeks.  I have the last one on Monday, February 26, and then it's just 3-4 more weeks of recovery, and hopefully, I will have pain management that will last longer than a few weeks.  They say 6 months to 2 years.  I'd be happy with 6 months of pain management at a time, but I'm hoping for better than that.  And, no, I'm not sitting around (or laying around) doing nothing during this recuperation time... but I can hit the wall fairly easily, and I've learned not to push another fraction of an inch.  That way the next day I still feel up to doing something!

The weather has been gorgeous this September!  I couldn't wish for better weather to recuperate in!  Bill and I were down on the docks the other evening.  I was walking short distances and then resting on a bench while he and Sydney walked further and came back to get me to walk a little further.  I had my camera with me (I've been carrying it everywhere with me lately) and her are a couple of pictures I snapped!

I've been working on a large (24X36) painting for the last 7 weeks that has MANY layers of glazes on it.  It also started with MANY layers of texture before the paint was added!  I'm to the point of finishing touches which is slow going... but that's okay.  Hopefully when it's finished I'll have a bright enough day to photograph it.  Just need a little more time of sunshine please...

I'm also taking a sketching class online (which includes faces).  I've always wanted to learn to do faces.  This is my very first attempt at a graphite sketch of a stylized face.

It's a very meditative activity which I'm really loving.  I wonder if I can translate it to fabric????

I hope all of you, my friends, are having a wonderful beginning to Fall like we are here!  Blessing to ALL of you.



woman with wings said...

Debi! I was on my google reader and saw that you'd posted. I'm so glad you're on the path to recovery, didn't realize what you've gone through. Your sketch is wonderful and so are your photos. You probably appreciate life in a new way now...so your blog name is more than perfect for you! Everyday IS a gift. xo

Becca said...

Your first sketch is amazing! I have been doing faces too for a short time. It is very addicting! Hope you are feeling better. I am a surgical tech at a pain management surgical center, so I can understand a bit of what you are going through. Take care!

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