A Very Special Book Page swap

This past year I've been involved in a swap of book pages.  I've done a terrible job of keeping up because I've been going to school full-time, and last summer my dear Mother-in-law passed away.  So, during winter break I'm working hard to catch up with everyone else.  I'm cranking out a couple of week so far.  February is the last month of the swap and I'm hoping to finish on time with everyone else!  They have been soooo understanding.  Here's a couple of pictures of two pages.  They are going in the mail, hopefully with 2 more pages tomorrow.  I'll have pictures of the other two this week.  I've just started on a 5th one and it's coming along swimmingly!!!  Thanks for looking and have a blessed day!!


twhIch aye said...

wow these are beautiful! is that first page cloth? it looks like a page from a fairy tale. lovely.

love your new template and music debi :) ...sometimes i leave the page open just to listen.

karen said...

your embroidery is stunning!! Jude spreads her talent far and wide!!!

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