An Autumn Song Continues

So, I haven't had as much time as I'd like to have had to work on this during the week.  Registration for Winter Quarter was this week and I had an advising appointment one day also.  In addition I had 2 Dr. appointments this week.  So, this is what I've been able to do yesterday and today.  I'm still stitching, but I wanted to take a photo so you can see how this is developing.  I hope you can see the details, such as they are at the moment.  I have some more ideas to explore next week and hopefully I can upload a photo before next Sunday~

I hope everyone is enjoying the changing season.  We're having some grey days here right now.  The sun tries to play peek-a-boo once in a while... but I expect that we'll have a lot of rain the next two weeks...  See you on Thursday, hopefully!


kaite said...

love the wise little owl who looks after and over you.
sounds like you're having the same weather as us here, cooler again and very wet. how strange.
hope the Dr's appts were all ok.
hgz, k.

jude said...

eyes. eyes add so much

twhIch aye said...

love the sun's eyes debi... and the full colors.

T said...

winter with a summer reflection. very clever deb.


Anonymous said...

What a delightful cloth. I love those eyes!

Els said...

He, I didn't see your owl before.
Love those eyes in the sun!!!
(like the ones on Buddhist Stupa's)

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