For The Love of Sewing

Since I have a FULL load this quarter at college I needed everything organized so that when I'm not studying I can work on some cloth.  Wonderful cloth... layered, woven, lovingly hand-stitched, embroidered, and embellished.  I've taken several classes this summer from JUDE over at SPIRIT CLOTH (you can go to her blog by clicking the link at the bottom of this post!).  She is the most wonderful of teacher's.  You know the ones.  The kind that teach you a technique and then wring themselves dry giving you every tip they've come up with during their years of study.  I've learned so much from her and the knowledge is bouncing around in my head willy-nilly!  It'll take me the better part of a year or more to fully assimilate everything I've learned from her.  Right now I have several works in progress.  It's the only way to learn what she's teaching and keep up with each technique.  I'm looking forward to finishing these cloths, these friends, when the weather is cold and no one wants to go out and brave it!

Here's an example of some cloth weaving.  I have a dozen or more put together trying to keep up with what she's teaching us each week.  Saturday is my day to sew.  I need to have one day off from studying!  I'll add more examples as I work on them.

Spirit Cloth


Heather Woollove said...

Hi Debi--
I think it's quite inspiring...going back to college in mid-life! Yay, you!!
It's so interesting to see Jude's techniques on brightly colored fabrics! These are great!!
You may be interested in a blog that I have on my blog roll...

karen said...

Hi Debi, your woven cloth is gorgeous. So many people seem to be geting so much from Judes classes, a definite affirmative for the teacher! I hope you are well.xxx

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