Long Overdue Pictures

I promised some pictures of our new (to us) place that we just moved into to. There are a few rooms that are still in process so those pictures will be uploaded soon. We'll start with the outside first.

This picture is of our front porch. This is Bill's favorite place to sit in the evening while he smokes his cigar. The sun's in the back, so it's nice to sit out here when it's not too hot. Across the street are some delightful neighbors, Wendy, John, and Ian. Sometimes Wendy will bring Ian over to see us and we have a really nice time chatting.

This is a shot up the street from each direction on our corner, so you can get an idea of the neighborhood.

This is the front of the house from across the street. Not too bad for a very old house that's had a bit of a face-lift.

Here are some shots of the backyard and the dog-run that Bill built for Sydney and Max to be contained in when we need to get something done. We live on a VERY busy road and I was so afraid one of them would get hit by a car or truck driving by. Since we're renting, Bill didn't want to attach the fence to the house or garage, and he wanted to be able to de-construct it to move it to wherever we go next, so he built it on raised concrete blocks and reinforced it with braces. It's incredibly sturdy and it looks nice too!! The white house in the background is where our neighbor Tim lives. He's a great guy and Bill really enjoys visiting with him. He frequently brings dog bones over for Sydney and Max. He's determined to make friends with Sydney. It takes her awhile to warm up to people as she's very suspicious and protective. Max is your friend the minute he sees you, but she will take her time warming up to people. Tim really likes her as is determined to make friends!

Here are some shots of the living-room/dining-room to show you that, indeed, our furniture DOES fit in this tiny area. I'm still working on wall-art, and my next big project is some quilted window shades. There are some of those temporary paper blinds up right now and they work for privacy. But, they don't block the heat and they won't block the cold. Everyone keeps telling me winter is right around the corner! What the heck? Summer just started several weeks ago! But, I'll take their advice and get working on this stuff while it's still summer so we'll be ready!

I guess that's all for now. But stay tuned for more pictures as this home becomes more of our home!


Whisperings 13 said...

Debi~ it's absolutly charming! many happy years there!
Love the paintings! (always distracted by wall art! lol)

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Debi,

So nice to see you are getting settled into your new home. :)
The house is so darling!
Love the painting on the walls. Did you paint them?
You know how I love Bright colors! :)

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

Yes, those are my paintings. The two on the wall together are still in progress. The one on the right is almost done, the one on the left still has quite a bit of work left to do on it. But I put them up anyway. HuGGs!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Oh sweet Debi, love the new home & I'm betting those pups are LIVING IT UP there in that fab community too.. what a fun backyard to roam in!

I'll be moving soon too.. in pack mode (and ridding myself of clutter I've picked up in the last 3 years here.. wowza!)!

xo, monica :)

inventivesoul said...

Wow Debi!!!
You are a fabulous painter!!!
I LOVE the largestadecru one.

The pictures are lovely!
Thank you for sharing!!!



Ralonda said...

here in Texas we say good fences make better neighbors. Love the pics of your place. It looks like a lovely place to live.- ohh and it is winter now- got those curtains up yet?

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