On the Third Day Of Spring my True Love Sent to ME

So what am I doing today? I'm inside where it's warm, and while it's light I'm creating some artwork. Our power keeps going on and off and so tonight it might be early to bed!

HERE"S what I found online at the Weather Channel.

Witness account from Gillette, WY: Within the past few minutes, we were able to interview a local resident of Gillette, Wyoming who gave us a firsthand report of the ongoing blizzard conditions:

"It's really ugly out there. We've got poor visibility and really strong wind gusts. I'm standing at my register, and I can barely see the street lights out there" (estimated to be 200 yards away), said Mary Jaramillo, working at a Shell gas station in Gillette, located on US Highway 14/16 just north of Interstate route 90. Jaramillo has lived in the area for more than 21 years.

"We have a level three winter storm warning. There's a lot of wind. It's really awful, hard to get through. The snow is thick, wet and heavy."

9:50 am ET: Blizzard in full force. Recalled the plows now so we're just stuck in the house. Highways closed now, too. I love spring time in WY!!!
11:25 am ET: Closed all the roads out of Gillette now.
11:34 am ET: Gillette, WY is pretty much shut down by the blizzard now.


Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Oh my Mother Nature is really confused! One day it is Spring like and then another day you get a blizzard!
Over here in AZ.we were having very warm weather for this time of the year (89) then today it was 45 this morning! :)

Wabbit said...

I always loved those days when I was in Colorado... time to make homemade soup!

We've got the wind here in AZ and a cold front came through so no 90 degree temps today, thank goodness. If it ever snowed here, I'd get nekid and roll in it just to enjoy it to the max! Marilyn

Cathy said...

Good Heavens Debi! I had NO idea your weather was that bad. And we thought it was something that we had a forecast for a light dusting of snow the other night....lol

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