My Birthday Trip to Denver

So, for my birthday my wonderful husband took me to Denver for a few days. I could hardly contain myself. You have to understand that the town I live in right now is VERY small. Which is wonderful when you want to drive anywhere. Seldom do you get stuck in traffic, and never do you find a traffic jam. I'm originally from the Seattle, WA area and the traffic can be a bear MOST of the time. But I digress.

There is nowhere to go for anything other than the basic craft supplies you can find at WALMART. They did JUST open a Ben Franklin here, but it's in a really small building and they've just started stocking it. It has great potential, but once again, you can only find basic crafting supplies. So, you learn quickly to buy online. However, it's a guessing game when it comes to colors. I LOVE color and love holding things up next to each other to see how they meld together as a whole.

SO, finding myself in Denver with an almost unlimited amount of supply sources had me in HEAVEN! I was chauffeured to bead stores, art supply stores, and many art studio/galleries. My, how wonderful!

BUT THEN, he took me to Best Buy and told me I could get a laptop for my very own! I've wanted a MAC for a long time and I couldn't be more thrilled! I'm learning how to use it, which takes a bit of a learning curve as I've always had a PC. But I'm getting the hang of it and so far I love my little machine!

I haven't posted for awhile because I've been learning how to post pictures to my blog via flicker. Also, I'm learning how to build a website! It'll be pretty simple to start out, but I'm so excited! I've also opened an ETSY shop and I'm in the process of building it. It will be open soon and have some of my Mixed Media canvas paintings that didn't get done in time for my first gallery opening.

Spring is just around the corner and I'm so full of secret dreams and bright images whirling around in my head. It's sure gone a long way towards banishing the winter doldrums!

You'll have to check back soon to find out how I'm doing with my new ventures!


Kim said...

I was wondering how your gallery showing went. How fun to get a new Mac!! I love the cat quilt below this post and wanted to stop in and say hi and tell you how great everything is looking! Hugs!!!!

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

Hi Kim!!! It's MY picture for your icon! One of my favorite paintings you have done and I'm so honored to own it. The showing went really well! It was a great catalyst for my being asked to teach classes! I'm teaching at the local art center in April. One class is a two part journal making class. The other one is a bracelet class. I hope to be teaching many more in the future! It's been years since I taught. I hope it's like riding a bike...just get on and you remember everything you knew about it! HuGGs, Debi

Dawn said...

I am so happy that you had such a great time in Denver.
Where I live there are no craft shops.. I have to travel or more often than not I buy on the internet, especially from US online stores

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